USC Summer Programs Office, within the Provost's Office, sponsors a scholarship opportunity for high school students who are also military dependents to attend USC Summer Programs.

The Provost's Pre-College Military Scholarship seeks to provide highly-motivated high school students of active families in the military with a full scholarship to participate in a rigorous 4-week, for-credit, online USC Summer Program. The scholarship covers the entire tuition for those accepted.

Sprawled on the ground, I was half-laughing and half-crying as the small robot that I built and coded refused to find the path of electrical tape it was supposed to follow. Instead, the robot proceeded to turn doughnuts after bumping the table leg that was serving as an obstacle, while my friend and fellow engineering student filmed the entire spectacle. In that moment, as I lay on the common room floor of my dorm at the University of Southern California, I realized that I was meant to be an engineer. Despite the rough night of coding a stubborn robot, I could not give up on my efforts to find a solution, and I loved every minute. From my epiphany on the common room floor to my interactions with other students, the sum total of my weeks at USC was the most meaningful intellectual experience of my life.

-Kylie Weaver, '15