A Note for Veterans Considering Studying at the University of Southern California:

The University of Southern California is among the most supportive and welcoming universities
in America for student-veterans (and also for ROTC cadets and serving military members).
I have been privileged to be a Judge Widney Professor at USC since the spring of 2013. During
that time, I have also served as the Faculty Advisor (2014-2019) for the Student Veterans Association at USC.
And in each successive year, USC has pursued additional initiatives to support veterans in the
Trojan Family.

Veterans attending USC, for example, get the same priority during registration for classes that is
accorded Trojan athletes. Full Yellow Ribbon support, which covers university costs that exceed
the amounts provided by the GI Bill, is now provided by all undergraduate schools and an
increasing number of graduate schools at USC. Applications for undergraduate admission are free
for veterans and their family members, and graduate applications are free for veterans. A
Veterans Resource Center (VRC) was established in 2014, and it houses certification officers
who help student-veterans access benefits. The VRC also provides a place for veterans to study,
meet with fellow veterans, and convene meetings of organizations for veterans.

Beyond all that, in the past two years, USC has opened affordable, dedicated housing for some
veteran-students, and it continues to add additional rooms each year, all in close proximity to the
USC campus. (I visit that housing during my week on campus each semester.)

Finally, USC is very supportive of veterans who have demonstrated the academic ability to
succeed at USC while studying at community colleges and who seek to transfer to USC. And the
Marshall School of Business hosts a one-year Master in Business for Veterans program
specifically geared to veterans already in the work force.

Given all this, it should not be a surprise that USC has one of the largest numbers of veterans of
all the leading private universities in America. The Trojan Family truly could not be more
supportive of its veterans, nor of the cadets in the ROTC programs at USC and its serving
military members – but it continues to try to find additional ways to improve that support.
Fight On!

David H. Petraeus, Ph.D.
General, United States Army (Retired)
Judge Widney Professor, USC