Transfer Students

1. Review the Important Dates and Deadlines for our Transfer Applications

December 1, 2021
Transfer deadline for the following programs: Some Cinematic Arts programs, BFA Dramatic Arts programs, all Music programs, Dance, and the Iovine and Young Academy. See Additional Major Requirements for information about your intended program.

February 1, 2022
Transfer deadline for all other programs. Students who apply for admission by February 1 will also be considered for USC Merit Scholarships.

February 13, 2022
FAFSA and CSS Profile applications due for priority financial aid. Submit your financial aid applications by this date to have priority consideration.

March 2, 2022
FAFSA and CSS Profile applications due for financial aid. If you are interested in receiving Financial Aid, learn more on the Financial Aid website.

May 31, 2022
Scholarship Status and Final Admission Decisions. All transfer applicants who submit a complete application by the February deadline will receive a request for spring grades or an admission decision by the end of May.

2. Read through the Transfer to USC Brochure

Download the brochure here.

3. Does USC have a transfer guide for the school you are currently attending?

Explore the articulation agreements per school.

Transferring from a California community college: USC works with many of California’s community colleges to develop lists of courses that will be accepted for transfer credit. Known as articulation agreements, these lists indicate the courses that fulfill General Education and other requirements, as well as equivalents to lower-division courses at USC. Articulation agreements are available online at

Transferring from out-of-state community colleges: Although USC does not have articulation agreements with out-of-state community colleges, most courses that will transfer to the flagship four-year, public institutions in your state will transfer to USC.

4. Work through our Academic Checklist to help prepare your transfer application to USC

  • Present at least one year of rigorous, full-time academic coursework, with strong grades. In 2017, the average GPA of admitted transfer students was 3.7. Consistent progress toward a degree and strong academic performance greatly influence our admission decisions.
  • Complete the equivalent of USC’s lower-division Writing requirement, Writing 130.
  • Meet our minimum Math requirement by demonstrating a mastery of Algebra II in high school, or Intermediate Algebra in college with a grade of C or better. Many majors
  • require more math.
  • Make satisfactory progress toward meeting USC General Education requirements.
  • Complete additional lower-division courses required by their intended major, if applicable. Refer to Additional Coursework by Major to see if your intended major requires lower-division courses that should be completed before you transfer. This is especially important for students pursuing degrees in science, engineering, architecture, dental hygiene or business.
  • Students whose native language is not English must also demonstrate English-language proficiency.
  • Other Resources:

5. Apply to USC

  • Apply here: Common Application
    • Fee waivers: U.S. military veterans, current service members, and military dependents are offered free applications on the USC supplemental page of the Common Application. Please use the drop-down menu on the first page of the USC application.
  • Order official final high school transcripts with date of graduation.
    • Students who completed secondary school outside the US may substitute a copy of a diploma or leaving certificate.
      • Students who did not finish high school should also submit a copy of their completion certificate (such as a GED) and may also submit a letter of explanation.
    • Order all official college transcripts. Official transcripts of any and all college coursework completed through the fall term.
    • Send SAT or ACT Scores. Required only from applicants who have completed fewer than 30 semester units of college coursework.
    • Request 2 optional Letters of Recommendations from Professors, Mentors, Supervisors, or Friends/Colleagues that can speak to your academic and professional character. (Optional, although may be required for some majors.)
    • Upload your DD-214, JST, and resume to the Documents section.

For more information on Transferring to USC, please see the Undergraduate Admissions page for Transfer Students.

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