Message from the Commanding Officer

Colonel Christopher J. Michelsen, USMC

The Mission of the NROTC unit is to develop midshipmen mentally, physically, and morally, to provide them with a basic professional background, and to instill in them the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty. The USC NROTC unit’s goal is to commission young men and women who have the potential to assume the highest responsibilities of leadership in our society. The success that USC NROTC has enjoyed preparing future naval officers and civilian leaders for service is demonstrated by the midshipmen who have gone on to become Admirals, Generals, statesmen, politicians, successful businessmen, and Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps. While we can boast of great accomplishments from our distinguished alumni, the heart and soul of this unit is the Midshipman Battalion. Unswerving dedication to purpose and a strong sense of pride are the trademarks of our midshipmen.

In addition to academic work in their respective majors, the midshipmen are required to complete a series of Naval Science courses, three summer cruises and specialized training designed to prepare future officers for service in the fleet. Midshipmen are also expected to successfully complete a physical fitness test twice a year as well as participate in social functions outside of Battalion Activities. This emphasis on the “whole person” ensures that USC NROTC graduates are fully prepared to assume the responsibilities as a junior officer in the Navy or Marine Corps, but that these individuals will also stand out as leaders among their peers.